Reading You

A lovely morning in J town

If a woman like me start to loving you,

I gonna read you like a book.

I gonna flip you, page by page

I gonna stick around as close as i can to have a chance to read you more and more.

Like a good wine, a good book can become a good patner anywhere anytime.

That’s how i want you to be.

But first, i wanna give a short notice to you:

i am a slow reader.

I only have one problem with a good book, as much as i want to know the end of the story, i am afraid that it gonna finish too fast.

But hey i found the solution.

i will write our new story after I finished your chapter.

I hope you don’t mind, i’m addictive to you already.


Sari Villa Ubud, 2018-10-18


*note: puisinya direvisi dan dirapikan lagi di perjalanan jakarta bandung di tengah kemacetan (2019-5-10)

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