Geologist wanna be


                           Taken at bukit tengkorak, sabah

You never know where life can bring you.. i’m an engineer but ends up in the corner of small town and have a chance to learn to be a geologist. Some people said i trashing my precious time with this job. “You get nothing to put on ur CV there, you wasting ur time”

After 1 years here, i know i take a right  decisions. Yes i dont have anything to put on my CV, but i learn much here. Learn how to see things differently,  learns to be more tough, and become an earth fan. I can stop amazed with how beautiful nature form and whisper their secret.

Every time i learn about nature, every time i realised how small we are and how fantastic our God. This experiment worth every single sweat that falling from my body…

T, 2014-10-10

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