I want to give a compliment to my self for this couple months. I never imagine can through all of this situation before, but here im now. Alive and survive. Im a well planner human, i tend to make back up plan. All my plan actually are shield for unpredictable situation. I cant stand too long in uncertainty and hesitation, im to nervous with spontaneous. That’s was me before.

While God has there’s own plan for old me, He want made me more mature. Yes, thats my prayer to God every Sunday, He answered my wish. He put me in this situation and want me to adapt. Want me to understand not everything can smooth and sweet like an ice cream. Want me to realize thats ” Nothing certain in this world, except uncertainty. “

Dear myself: i know how hard to feel comfort in uncertainty, but we made it right? im proud of it..

It may heard like im a narcisstic, but hell who will love you more than yourself?


taken at Luang Prahang, March 2014




*biru menata rasa memeluk diri

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