Framing Life

Dont you think life is all about framing? We see the same object but sees it differently. The first matters is :

1. Point of view
Some people dont give a space between their object, zooming very details into the bad parts or good parts.
Some people just dont have a courage to take a close step to get the clear perspective
Some people just stay where they are, dont give any efforts to take the perfect angle.
Again the perfect shot for anybody would be different

Note: if u still dont get what i means, dont you ever see the photographer sometimes make a very weird position when take a picture? Thats what I means, they try to catch the perfect angle according to them

2. Gear
Yes gears that u have do matters, even not the most important one. Thats why I put it in the second place.
Sometimes when u found the perfect angle with the perfect timing but u dont have a right gear to execute it. Blur, full of noise, lack of lense, wrong focus.
Example: Said you know which part is extremely amazing, but you do need a long lense to get that frame, or a macro lens.

The last but sometimes must be the first, courage. To take a ‘best picture’ you need to take a risk and get out from ur comfort zone.


Some friends take my picture when I take another picture, Gunung Padang -west java

What do you thinks? Send me ur thought..

T, 2014-7-19

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