Corridors of Loss – Chriswan

Along these long corridors I walk.
My feet say no to stopping somewhere here;
My lips, even worse, prefer to say nothing at all.

My mind is at this moment stuck and shut, like
These wooden doors with different numbers
Hanging on each of them. When I have not the
Key, I no longer am able to enter.

I cannot ring any bell anymore. Nor knock on
Any of yours. Your doors, and the rooms they guard,
Alas, are yours no more. Only mine is mine, still.

The dim yellow lights on both sides of the wall
Are dim as they are, simply because our
Outrageous laughter has completely stopped
Energizing them to the level of intensity I gravely miss.

We have devised together the poetics of physics,
Explored the exquisite properties of appetite, revealed things
And thoughts some of us have never put our mental fingers on.

We have set both feet on two hemispheres at once,
On a line that proudly divides the north and south
Of this gorgeous Earth. We have dethroned the darkness
In the minds of the willing learners; for them the path we’ve shown.

As is our laughter, you all have sped away
From me. I have intently chosen to be left. Alone.
And so you are now gone, whereas I, here stay.

Now devoid of our absurd hullabaloo, of humour,
Of utter fun in the nonsensical acts and talks of ours,
The gloomiest hours of loneliness seep into my heart
Right after the crushing moment of parting.

But I hope our gleefulness trails along
Those corridors through which you all must walk
In order to regain the warmth of home.

And here I am, walking along these corridors of loss,
Bound fast to a kind of friendship far more precious than most.

Hotel Kapuas Palace, Pontianak, 20th December 2008

ini poem chriswan yang sngat mendeskripsikan apa yg saya rasakan selama semg bersama mereka di Ponti!! coolz >,<

mari kita berpetualang lg di denpasar january th depan….. senangggg! ^^ can wait to see u all! >,< semangat semua!!






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